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Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to legal education (IDIA) per nomenclature, is a premiere organization that focusses on increasing diversity in the legal education by empowering the underprivileged and increasing awareness about the potential that this field carries. 


On the other hand, Model United Nations (MUN) is a popular activity for increasing awareness and shaping the personality of students not limited to the field of law. A symbiosis of first of its kind IDIA MUN will help the students and academia to be exposed to the underlying objective they carry, it being founded upon the theme of “Diversity: The Inclusive Planet and Symbiosis.”


The agendas for the MUN have been set keeping the theme in mind. Apart from a diverse discussion on the subject, this MUN will also be conducting a special session focused on the theme “Diversity: The Inclusive Planet and Symbiosis” and its various facets.

















With an aim to increase access to legal education in India, especially amongst the under-represented sections of society, the seed of IDIA (Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access) project was sown at NUJS Kolkata and later spread to other states. The increasing elitism that is prevalent at the National Law Universities in India is a concern that not just assails our society as a whole but also the legal community in particular.  Given the exorbitant amount of money involved in achieving a legal education – the exorbitant costs charged by coaching institutions, the fees charged by the National Law Universities and also the lack of awareness amongst the students regarding law as a lucrative career option, IDIA seeks to dispel such a disparity by various measures aimed at grassroots level. By improving the access to legal education and introducing the under-represented students into the legal framework, it will improve the circumstances of the under-represented sections of the society and bring in diverse and varied views into the National Law School educational system. 

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